Life Energy Abundance Program from Drs. Mike and Trish Zimburean

Free Yourself From What Holds You Back

If you’ve been practicing the Meditation and Reality Sculpting tools we provided in your prior two lessons, we know you’ve been noticing a shift in your day-to-day experiences of life.

But maybe you intended to meditate but didn’t fit it in. Maybe you’re having persistent negative thoughts or emotions that you can’t shift. If you’re like we were, you get “down on yourself” for continuing to use patterns of thought or behavior that don’t serve you (and others). Or for having good intentions that you don’t act on as consistently as you know would be good for you.

Imagine how you would feel and how your life would flow if you could quickly and easily let go of anxiety, guilt, and irritation (or any other unwanted emotion or self-defeating habit).

Sound too good to be true? We would’ve thought so too if we hadn’t learned an additional amazingly simple and effective technique that has changed our lives.

Not only will this next blockbuster tool allow you to overcome resistance or obstacles to the practices we’ve introduced, it can result in your ability to let go of all resistance and negativity. Even challenging emotions associated with important relationships. For real! This is how you will remain calm in the face of major challenges. We are both blown away by how simple and effective this tool is! And when you combine it with the other elements of this program, you can absolutely achieve all the results you desire!

We now introduce you to Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology (EP) is a collection of healing practices that help regulate the optimal flow of subtle energy in the body. Sometimes subtle energy is blocked and other times it is over-energized.

The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) explains EP this way:

“Energy psychology is a family of integrative approaches to psychotherapy, coaching and healthcare treatment that work with the mind-body connection. These methods are helping people around the world experience rapid relief from trauma, stress, limiting beliefs and more.”

There are a number of EP techniques, and we have personally practiced over five of them. As physicians, we were skeptical at first. Then we discovered that there is sound research validating the effectiveness of EP, and when we and those we’ve taught began experiencing benefits, we started practicing it regularly. The results have been astounding!

Here is an example of one EP exercise that you can do in just two minutes. It’s great if you feel over-stressed or if you’re losing your ability to concentrate because you’ve been in front of your computer screen for too long.

Over-Energy Correction

It may seem odd to you at first, but it’s worth trying because it quickly balances your body’s energy system and relieves stress and fatigue.

Here’s how you do it: Place your left ankle over your right, and then place your right hand over left, intertwine your fingers, and then invert your arms and place your entwined hands over your chest. While breathing in, place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth and when exhaling, rest your tongue on the floor of your mouth. Continue this process for 1-2 minutes.

But, of all the EP techniques we’ve been exposed to, the one we’ve found to be most effective and efficient in removing our blocks to success, including emotional challenges (anxiety, guilt, fear, anger, etc.) is called BSFF™ (BE SET FREE FAST).

This is an astonishingly easy practice that you can do anytime, anywhere, and it works really well and really fast! You have to experience it to believe it, and you can! We teach you this tool – and a lot more – in our online program LEAP.

The creators of LEAP: Life Energy Abundance Program®

Mike and Trish ZimbureanMike Zimburean MD a psychiatrist, and Trish Duley Zimburean MD an internal medicine physician, after decades of exploring a wide range of personal development resources, have distilled the smallest group of active ingredients to jet propel your personal development. If you want a program that gives you the greatest benefits in the shortest period of time, LEAP is likely what you’re looking for, because it’s a highly synergized blend of the most useful, cream-of-the-crop personal development resources we’ve ever found!

Here’s all you’ll need to do to benefit from LEAP. You’ll set aside as little as 10-15 minutes each day for daily practice plus other exercises that you won’t even need to interrupt your day to do. These include Meditation, practicing Reality Sculpting, and using Energy Psychology methods when you bump up against sticky emotions or blocks to achieving what you desire.

You’ll also gain access to two additional quick practices that powerfully synergize with these three to bring you all the peace, ease, fulfillment and effectiveness you’re seeking. In the least amount of time possible. Get ready to experience dreams beyond your dreams!

Trish: “I used to be anxious all the time. I was over-committed and under-fulfilled. After a lot of time and energy spent on false starts and trial-and-error, the LEAP toolbox is enabling me to live a life beyond what I believed was possible. I have time for everything I want to do. I work less and make more money than I ever have. I have meaningful and peaceful relationships. I am calm and happy, and I have fun every day.”

Mike: “My life had been really good for many years. Since we refined the LEAP elements I have experienced healing and fulfillment beyond what I imagined possible in all areas of my life. Before I used this combination of tools I was often irritable. Now I particularly notice an ability to respond to challenges and accept circumstances with greater calm and ease. This makes me far more efficient and effective than I used to be. My relationships are more intimate and fulfilling than ever. Finally, I have a deep sense of knowing that continuing to use the LEAP toolbox will enable me to keep growing with ease for the rest of my life, regardless of external circumstances.”

Emily R: “The benefits of the LEAP program were dramatic for me. More natural pain relief, better sleep, more energy, more desire to sing and dance. It was literally like the sun came out. And it all started shifting for me within the first week of using LEAP.”

Brenna S: “I am deeply inspired by the groundbreaking work of Drs. Mike and Trish Duley Zimburean. They effortlessly join their hearts, medical and science training with profound ancient wisdom techniques providing a truly innovative approach towards optimal health. I experienced liberation in only a week from a core limiting belief that has stood in my way for years. Working through many layers with this science-based approach, Mike and Trish skillfully and intuitively guided me through my own terrain with their progressive tools. I am deeply grateful to them both. They are a tremendous resource in helping others evolve and achieve true inner-peace and health.”

Karen W: “The LEAP program has been quietly powerful and empowering for me. Practicing elements of the program has resulted in multiple improvements in overall wellbeing from subtle shifts in attitudes to more dramatic shifts in energies and action steps. I’ve been especially surprised and delighted by how much I like BSFF and how effective it is in relieving negative emotions like anxiety. I can practice it anytime, anywhere, and I actually get results in the moment! I believe in the potential of the LEAP program and look forward to ongoing practice, learning and personal growth.”

As you have been discovering through the three lessons we’ve already offered to you, the LEAP combination of practices is quick, easy, and amazingly effective. In the online version of LEAP you will receive:

  • Detailed instruction in each of the LEAP’s five core practices:
    • Meditation
    • Intentions and Desires
    • Energy Psychology
    • Inspirational / Spiritual Practices
    • Reality Sculpting
  • Complete instruction (video and written) in the use of BSFF, the Energy Psychology tool that works like magic in getting the most out of all the other elements in the LEAP program, in addition to enabling you to rapidly remove blocks to emotional health and overall wellbeing
  • Video and written instruction in the use of EFT (emotional freedom technique), another powerfully useful Energy Psychology tool
  • Answers to common questions about how to get the most from each of LEAP’s five core elements
  • A toolbox of exercises for mastering Reality Sculpting
  • A comprehensive list of helpful references for your personalized healing and growth
  • Highly useful logs to help you track your progress
  • Email access to us for answers to any questions or concerns

We (Drs. Mike & Trish) have spent tens of thousands of dollars, as well as thousands of hours, trying countless methods in search of the smallest number that requires the least amount of time to use and that best synergize with each other to make the biggest difference. So, you’d be right to wonder whether it will cost you well over $1000 to gain access to our LEAP program.

It won’t. Not even close.

That’s because we’re on a mission to make peace, ease, and fulfillment beyond your dreams, what we like to call “Flowing Enlightenment, Exquisite Life,” available to as many people as possible.

You see, when we didn’t find the complete package of tools that we had been looking for, we spent lots more hours and money to create the program we wish we had found. We started getting amazing results with it. So, we then provided LEAP to others so we could discover how widely useful it could be.

And you know what?

Our testers reported getting the kinds of results we’ve been getting. That’s why we’re bringing LEAP to you.

Even with all of what we’ve put into creating LEAP, getting your hands on it won’t even cost you the $500 we’ve been told by experts we should be charging. We instead decided to buck the pros and give you access to LEAP…


If you search the internet you’ll find that the cost of just learning meditation can be as high as $1500. But with LEAP, for only $295 you not only get our Failure-Free Meditation Training. You get the rest of the ingredients that supercharge the value of meditating. The needles in the huge personal development haystack that we had to look high and low to find. And best of all, with LEAP Online you don’t have to leave your home or office and you can do this whenever it’s convenient for you.

If you’re tired of over-spending on your personal development, or of spending too much time and money on trial and error frustration in your search for the best combination of the fewest practices that collectively make the biggest difference in your peace, ease and life fulfillment, search no longer.

This is your time to LEAP into taking advantage of the transformative set of practices you’ve been searching for but weren’t sure existed! Now you can finally take your most efficient next step toward “Life Energy Abundance.” And you can start right now!




The next 100 buyers receive a free one-hour consultation with Mike and Trish ($300 value!)


No-Risk Guarantee: If after working your LEAP and making a commitment to daily practice of the elements, you are not completely satisfied, simply email us your “How Am I Doing” Progress Logs within 70 days of your original purchase date, and we will send you a full refund.