Life Energy Abundance Program from Drs. Mike and Trish Zimburean

Reality Sculpting to Create the Life You Want

In Part 1 of this series, you gained access to a surefire way to achieve mind chatter mastery, through meditation: a cornerstone practice for connecting with an ever-present energy field that influences our lives in amazing ways.

Whether you’ve been meditating or not, you can benefit from this next tool merely by reading about it. When you practice the tool regularly – without even having to interrupt your day to do it – your life will transform because, as with meditation, you are about to tap into the vast power of Universal Consciousness! Coupled with meditation, the tool we’re about to show you can produce dynamite results!

Like everyone else we knew, we had resigned ourselves to notions like “life just happens,” and “this is just the way things are.” In addition, we each had a pretty strong belief that we knew how things should be. And we felt frustrated and annoyed when things didn’t go the way we thought they should. Then we learned what we call Reality Sculpting.

Imagine what it would mean to you if you could efficiently draw into your life exactly what you need to accomplish your goals.

Imagine how it would feel to be doing what you love almost all (or even all) of the time.

How about being able to do this with a small set of easy to learn highly synergized tools, some of which you can use while going about your daily activities?

This series introduces you to those practices, and the next one you’re about to learn is a game-changer!

LEAP into Advanced Reality Sculpting!

This tool requires us to make a shift in the way we think about the events and circumstances of our life. When used with Meditation, this practice helps you live the life of your dreams, and beyond!

Reality Sculpting involves bringing awareness to what you’re thinking and where you’re placing your attention. Though simple, it’s not always easy because we have developed habitual ways of thinking.

By learning to choose your thoughts and putting your attention on what you want, you transform your life, because the truth is, our thoughts greatly influence the events and conditions of our lives.

Many wise sages even take this a step further by suggesting that we are the co-creators of all of our experiences. While this may seem incomprehensible or even frightening, it is actually an ancient understanding that has been known for millennia, and in recent years has even begun to be verified scientifically.

One example of this truth is the “observer effect.” This is a fundamental law of quantum physics that shows that an event in the subatomic world exists in all possible states until it is observed, and the act of observing it holds it to a single state.

You don’t need to understand or even believe the science in order to apply Reality Sculpting to your life. All that’s needed is for you to simply be willing to authentically open to the possibility that your circumstances are highly impacted by your thoughts.

Consider this; it’s not conditions themselves that cause distress but rather our thoughts about those conditions. Again, this is not a new concept, as is demonstrated by the quote from Greek philosopher Epictetus back in 1 AD: “People are disturbed not by things but by the views they take of them.”

We can learn to shift our thoughts to ones that serve us, and this will draw to us much more of what we desire in our life.

We aren’t trying to over-simplify reality here. Like you, we too understand our world has some serious problems and we can’t merely think them away. Nor do we want you to feel shame about any unintended parts you might play in many life circumstances.

We instead want to activate your enthusiasm about finally being able to do more about this than you might have thought possible, or that you might have heard about but doubted whether you could master.

Reality Sculpting starts with understanding it is most efficient, incredibly effective, and of a higher order, to focus on and heal our own inner world rather than be at the mercy of having to fix other people or outside circumstances in order to be okay. As Gandhi teaches, “Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.” This is, quite literally, done thought by becoming a thought sculptor.

Start with observing your thoughts.

Are you in the habit of criticizing yourself and others? Do you tend to focus on what’s not working rather than what’s working?

When you catch yourself doing this, make a choice to shift your thoughts. Meditation is a foundational key to this process because it allows us to observe our thoughts rather than engage with them. Doing daily meditation makes it much easier throughout our lives to pause rather than automatically react to our thoughts. And this cultivates our ability to choose our next thought more rapidly and easily.

Reality Sculpting – not merely positive thinking, it’s conscious thinking.

Here’s the difference. With conscious thinking, you don’t deny any of the thoughts you’re having or their associated feelings. Rather, you take note of what’s happening, you notice your thoughts, acknowledge and feel your emotions related to your thoughts, and then open to upgrading those thoughts and emotions to serve you more effectively.

A simple yet effective and powerful practice for developing this spiritual muscle is to place your attention in the area of your body where you feel the emotion. By simply acknowledging your body’s sensations your emotion will usually shift on its own. This shift frees you to choose a better feeling thought, such as gratitude, or a similar thought that better serves you. Try this practice and notice how empowering it is!

Having the intention to eliminate self-judgment about any aspect of yourself is a critical step in bringing about a peaceful life. Practicing Meditation and learning to use your mind consciously, will facilitate the process of acceptance of self and others. Reality Sculpting will put you in charge of allowing your highest wisdom to shift your thoughts, feelings and body sensations away from what sabotages you and toward what serves you.

What you focus on will grow, and you can choose, every moment, where to put your attention.

Reality Sculpting is the practice of choosing to re-focus on what’s working rather than the negatives. Put your attention on what’s good in others and yourself. This truly is essential for bringing about the life you want and the world you want. As you practice shifting your thoughts toward what is working and what you want, you will notice that you’re more at peace and more productive. You will also increasingly attract more of what you want and need.

Here’s an exercise to help you with this.

It’s one of our favorite Reality Sculpting practices.

Center of the Stream (focus on the open water, not the boulders):

We learned this practice from sociologist and “life coach” Martha Beck, who learned it from a kayaker. To successfully maneuver a kayak through challenging waters, the boatman keeps his eye on where he wants to go, on the open water, rather than on the boulders he wishes to avoid.

It has been shown that one is more likely to crash into an object if they look at it, rather than keeping their eyes on where they want to go. Like keeping your eye on the ball. The same is true for what seem to be real obstacles in life. If you put your attention on what you want, rather than on what you don’t want, you are much more likely to draw what you want into your experience.

Catch yourself complaining or worrying, and shift your focus. We have found that at times it helps to verbalize a complaint or worry once, to your partner or a trusted friend, and then turn your attention towards what you want. This acknowledgment can help allay some of your discomfort and minimize denial. Once you have acknowledged the concern, however, it is best to move on. If you don’t have a partner you’re working with, you can write out the concern and then discard it, again turning your attention towards what you want. While there is, of course, more to Reality Sculpting, this is the essence of its foundation.

If you have trouble shifting your thoughts to only what’s positive, don’t lose heart. This is frequently (and often highly) challenging for all of us. The good news is the next tool we’ll teach you will help you easily overcome any difficulty or resistance you may have to master Reality Sculpting. In fact, this tool will enable you to let go of resistance and negativity in all areas!

For now, keep practicing Meditation from your previous lesson and add to it today’s Reality Sculpting practices. We can’t wait to share our next tool for blowing through your blocks; one that literally works like magic!


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