Life Energy Abundance Program from Drs. Mike and Trish Zimburean

Welcome to LEAP!


We are passionate about promoting the personal wellbeing of individuals and helping them discover and clarify their gifts and talents and how those contribute to the evolution of our world. We created the Life Energy Abundance Program (LEAP) as a vehicle for personal development with an emphasis on emotional and psychologic growth.

This program provides a unique combination of 5 Tools and practices presented through an online curriculum, personal teaching and coaching, and the opportunity to join a learning community.

Our desire is to reach people who are searching for a greater connection with their (non-religious) spiritual nature through non-traditional means, and who want to gain a greater understanding of key principles for improving their lives. We blend traditional and newly developed tools for relieving stress and anxiety, improving relationships, including our relationship to money. Individuals drawn to our program are also typically interested in social justice and environmental repair and sustainability.

You are about to discover the most efficient and effective combination of short practices that will bring you the peaceful state of mind you’ve always wanted plus more time for what you truly desire in life!

As traditionally trained physicians working with thousands of people over the decades, we came to realize that in order to make a real difference, we all need a new prescription. This resulted in the distillation of the highest leverage practices that brought us more happiness and fulfillment than we could imagine. By adopting these few simple non-time consuming techniques, you too can learn how to dissolve barriers to your peace, happiness, and success, while experiencing the inspiration necessary to achieve all your aspirations at every level of your Being!

We encourage you to have fun with your LEAP!