Life Energy Abundance Program from Drs. Mike and Trish Zimburean

Create More Time, Peace, & Ease

meditation create more time, peace, and ease

Do you have too much to do and not enough time to do it?

Want to feel peaceful while getting it all done more efficiently?

Want to remain calmer yet more effective when faced with your biggest challenges?

We imagine your answer to these is a resounding YES!

Through our decades of study as healthcare professionals and individuals who are devoted to our own personal development, we’ve found a way to peacefully “get it all done” while having fun as we do it. We also know that you can do this too. You’re about to learn how!

Trish: I had retired from my medical practice and was devoting myself to my family and community. I was making a very valuable contribution of time and energy that was personally gratifying, and my family and community were benefitting. But I was over-committed and anxious and deep down, I knew that I wasn’t doing what I really wanted to be doing. After adopting a regular meditation practice, I gained clarity around what truly mattered to me, and I was able to make changes that resulted in the fulfillment of my deepest desires.

You are about to discover some of the quickest and easiest to learn tools for getting more done, creating more time for the things you enjoy most, all while experiencing greater joy and fulfillment. And you will accomplish this by adopting a few simple practices, some of which you can do even while you’re getting it all done!

The first practice is meditation. Before you turn away at the thought, we ask you to consider for a moment that the common myth that meditation is complicated and time-consuming is simply not true!

It is now quite well known that meditation is a powerful tool for bringing about peace of mind and greater productivity. What you might not know, though, is that meditation does even more than that and the return on investment is beyond belief!

Mike: I’ve accomplished a lot in my life including a great marriage, two wonderful children, and substantial professional success, and I’ve experienced a lot of gratification in all of these areas. I pursued a number of interests including a passion for Porsches, wonderful experiences downhill skiing, traveling abroad, and boating in the Pacific Northwest.

Although all of these experiences brought fulfillment and satisfaction, the intensity of these feelings always seemed to fade. I had a recurrent nagging sense that, “there’s got to be more.” I was fortunate to discover Deepak Chopra’s teachings and I began practicing meditation.

Since learning to meditate, I rarely snap at my loved ones anymore and I have a deep sense of peace. My life flows more easily and though I still take pleasure in those activities I’ve always enjoyed, I have a deep knowing that these experiences are not the source of my fulfillment.

My life continues to unfold in magnificent ways that I could not have foreseen. Quite literally, I’m living dreams I didn’t even know I had.

If you’re like us, you sense that “there’s got to be more.”

In fact, deep down, you know this is true. We can assure you that you’re right! Sure your life may already feel “good enough.” But good enough is no longer good enough for you, and you know this.

You can experience the peace, ease and deep fulfillment that you’ve been sensing might be possible. We’ve done all the groundwork to help you succeed by providing you with the fewest number of highly effective, synergistic tools for accomplishing what you desire. You’re about to learn these tools, beginning with meditation. And here’s the best news:

  1. You can start benefiting by meditating just 5 minutes a day!
  2. You can’t do it wrong if you do it the way we’re about to show you!

Here is how to meditate more easily than you ever thought possible:

Mind Chatter Mastery: A Bit About Meditation

Meditation is a simple practice that brings about profound results. It does this by connecting you to the source of your being. We are all connected to an energy field that has tremendous power. Meditation is still a surprisingly undervalued tool for connecting us with that power and using it for our greatest good. Though the name we use for meditation implies that you will quiet your mind, if you’ve ever tried to stop your thoughts, you probably realized in short order that it felt frustratingly impossible to do. If you’re like me (Trish), you gave up on meditation because you felt like you couldn’t do it, or weren’t good at it.

The most common misconception about meditation is that it’s about trying to quiet the mind. Actually, we don’t “try” to do anything. Meditation is a simple, gentle practice that is about “allowing,” including allowing thoughts! More on that later.

Meditation is the antidote for stress and has numerous physiologic benefits. It is proving to be an excellent adjunctive therapy for many illnesses and a primary means for maintaining health and wellness.

In addition to greater physical wellbeing, meditation is a vital practice for bringing about all that you desire, including emotional and spiritual wellbeing. For this reason, it is the cornerstone of the practices we teach.

How to meditate:

Sit in silence (no music) with your eyes closed. It’s important to be comfortable but do not lie down as you’re more likely to fall asleep if you do. Take a couple of deep breaths to help you relax. Begin repeating the mantra So Hum. This is a Sanskrit phrase that translates to “I am That.”

Mantra in Sanskrit means, “mind vehicle” and its purpose is to draw attention away from thought so we don’t engage with our thoughts. Thoughts will still be there, but the mantra helps us shift our attention elsewhere. During your meditation, you will notice that you’re engaging with your thoughts, or that you have thoughts and mantra at the same time. You may also notice noises in the environment and bodily sensations. When this happens, gently shift your attention back to the mantra, So Hum. The process is gentle and relaxed; there is no need to force or concentrate. You may want to repeat “So” on the in-breath and “Hum” on the out-breath, but this is not necessary.

What Might Happen During Meditation

There are four things that may happen when you meditate:

  1. Your attention remains focused on the mantra.
  2. You notice that your attention has drifted from your mantra to thoughts, body sensations, or noises in your environment.
  3. You fall asleep. If you notice that you fall asleep often when you meditate, this is probably a sign that you are sleep deprived and would be wise to get more sleep more of the time.
  4. You experience “the Gap,” or stillness and silence.

All of these experiences are varieties of valid, successful meditation. It is important not to judge the meditation itself. There is no such thing as a “bad” or “good” meditation. The goal is not to experience visions or profound peace, though you might well have those experiences sometimes. The purpose of the practice is to positively affect your life outside of meditation. The most useful way to validate that you are meditating successfully is when you notice that in general your desires are being fulfilled more of the time.

Have the goal to meditate 20-30 minutes twice daily, in the morning and in the evening. This may seem like a daunting time commitment, but even beginning with five minutes once a day is a useful start. Hold an intention to gradually increase the time and frequency as it fits for you. Two short meditations are more useful than one long one, and meditating for a short time is better than not meditating at all.

Use a timer to prompt you when to end the meditation (we use Insight Timer). Allow additional time to come out of the meditation by stopping the mantra and sitting quietly with your eyes closed. It is important to not jump up right after meditating, as your body and mind need time to readjust to becoming active again. Allow one minute of re-entry time for every 10 minutes of meditation.

Again, make a commitment to meditate daily because this practice truly is the cornerstone to transforming your life. It seems almost magical how this simple practice has such profound effects on our ability to grow and succeed in all areas of life. If you feel like you’re too busy to meditate, then meditation is just the thing you need!

It is important that you practice meditation and not just read about it. Practice reminding yourself each day that you have made this commitment because it will help you feel more peaceful and focused throughout your day.

It’s probably no surprise to you that meditation is one of the tools we recommend for getting more done and feeling less anxiety and more peace of mind. But we’ve discovered additional quick and easy tools that, when combined with meditation, bring into your life all that you want, in any and all areas. This magical combination of practices can change your life in ways you never imagined possible.

Now that you know how to meditate in ways that help you start mastering your mind chatter, it’s time to learn how to supercharge your results. That’s what you’ll start to master through the next Life Energy Abundance tool we’ll show you. Stay tuned!

Mind Chatter Mastery Extra

Here’s a quick “super-charge” secret you can add to your meditation practice right away! We call it Intentions & Desires. Make a list of your desires using present tense affirmative language (for example, “I calmly accomplish all that I need to accomplish today”) and read these upon awakening in the morning, before each meditation, and before retiring for the night.

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